Where to Check Your Dog for Ticks?

Dogs (especially puppies) love to run around outside and play during the summertime.

Whether you’re letting them roam free or taking them for their daily walk, dogs can easily come into contact with ticks.

Each time your dog plays outside or goes for a walk during the spring and summer, make sure you check them for ticks in these specific areas:

The Groin

Ticks are commonly found in dark and most places, which is why you should always check the groin area of your pets.

Check on the backside of your dog, lift up the tail, and in between their legs.

This is especially true for female dogs since they tend to squat during urination.

All Four Paws

Your puppy’s little paws are four things that are always touching the lawn in the backyard or on the trail during a hike. Therefore, you should always be checking each paw.

Most people will only check the top and underneath areas, but you should also be checking in between their toes.

Ticks can go unnoticed for the entirety of their stay when they bury their heads in this area.

Inside of the Ears

You always want to give your dog a full body inspection when looking for ticks, including the ears. Make sure to check behind the ears as well as inside of them.

Dogs with floppy ears can provide the coverage these ticks desire. After inspecting the outside and inside of the ear, give a quick look inside of the ear canal as well.

Spending time outside with your pup is something all dog owners love to do — just be sure to check them for ticks when playtime is over!

If you find a tick, make sure you remove it right away, as diseases and illnesses can be passed from the tick to the dog (and you as well if you’re bitten).

When your property becomes infested with ticks or any other type of pest, contact Knockout Pest Control. To learn more or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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