How to Identify Birds

Bird problems? Many different types of birds in the New York area are known to be “pests” and can cause property damage or unsanitary conditions. These include:

  • Pigeons
  • Sparrows
  • Starlings
  • Sea Gulls
  • Crows and Ravens
  • Swallows
  • Geese
  • Woodpeckers
Birds Flocked


Seeing a few birds in your yard is one thing; seeing any of these signs could be indicative of a larger bird infestation:

  • Many birds sitting on your roof or the ledges of your house
  • Bird noises like squwacking
  • Bird nests all around your property
  • Damage to your property from pecking
  • Droppings left behind


Each bird presents its own unique set of biology, habits, impact, and pest management control rules and regulations.

For instance, pigeon feces is highly corrosive and contain a host of bacteria and parasites that can cause histoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, encephalitis, and meningitis in people and pets. Their feathers and droppings can clog roof drains and impede machinery.

Woodpeckers can cause damage to a structure’s façade by pecking holes, and their nests can also cause damage by blocking vents, or electrical devices.

Bird Exterminator NYC | Long Island | Rockland County | WestchesterThe goose population in the New York area has been steadily growing. Once, strictly migratory, many geese are “wintering” in this area because of abundant food and shelter. They can be aggressive, especially if they feel threatened. An average male can defecate as much as 3 pounds of feces per day. Goose feces is known to carry a host of diseases and parasites that are harmful to people and animals.

Health Risks

Bird feces can contain a number of bacteria and parasites harmful to people and animals.

Home Damage

Some bird's droppings and feathers can clog roof drains, impede machinery, and corrode structures.

Aggressive Behavior

Certain species of birds feel threatened, they may retaliate with aggressive behavior.

Attract Other Pests

Birds often carry ticks, fleas, and bird mites with them which bring their own additional risks.


Knockout can determine the exact species of bird pest and can treat each individual situation, from one bird to an entire flock. We know state and local laws that may impact how certain species are handled. Our comprehensive integrated green pest management approach involves identifying the bird, assessing the problem, and then removing nests, cleaning and sanitizing affected areas, and employing bird control devices, barriers, sheaths, dispersal methods, ward-off products, and decoy techniques. We know how to humanely trap birds within structures for safe removal.

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