How to Identify Powder Post Beetles

The powder post beetle is one of two primary wood boring beetles in the New York Area, the other being the twig/branch borer (sometimes referred to as “false powder post beetles”). Although both are different in appearance and size, 3⁄4 inch and the other ¼ inch, they are similar in biology and behavior. 

Powder Post Beetles


Powder post beetles lay their eggs in cracks and crevices of the wood, or in small holes, they bore into wood. The larvae that hatch burrow deeper into the wood. As the powder post beetle tunnels through while feeding on the wood, it eventually tunnels it’s way out emerging as an adult powder post beetle–having left a path of destruction in its wake. As the adults leave the holes they mate and the cycle repeats.

THE RISKS OF Powder Post Beetles

When powder post beetles are within a structure, the damage is slow. Examination by an expert can help you evaluate the activity, extent, and severity of the problem, as well as confirm the identity of the insect. Termitescarpenter ants, and others are other common wood-destroying insects in New York.

If you think that you have a powder post beetle problem, or suspect any wood boring insect problem in your home or place of business, contact a professional. The cost is too great to take a risk.

Property Damage

Powderpost beetles attack hardwood, creating tiny pinholes inside the wood for their larvae.


If you plan on selling your home, a powder post beetle infestation can significantly reduce its value.

How WE KNOCK OUT Powder Post Beetles

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