How to Identify Ants

An ant infestation can be a nuisance, or it can grow into a serious problem, depending on the type of ant you are dealing with. Two types of ants are common in the New York area—the Sugar Ant and the Carpenter Ant.

Sugar ants are the little black or brown ants you see on sidewalks and pavements outside. Sometimes called pavement ants, they are about  1/10 to 1/8 inch long and prefer to feed on sugary foods–hence the name “sugar ant.” 

Carpenter Ants are usually red, black, or a combination of the two. They’ve larger, measuring around 5/8 inch long. Carpenter ants get their name for the way they build their nests, excavating wood and forming smooth tunnels inside. While carpenter ants don’t actually eat wood, they do chew through it to create their nests, so they can be highly destructive to New York homeowners’ property.

Pavement Ants or Sugar Ants
Carpenter Ants


Sugar Ants/Pavement Ants are rarely a problem outside, but can become pests if they infest your kitchen or other indoor rooms. They can sometimes form large colonies of a half million individuals under patios and along walkways, becoming outdoor pests as well.

If you find a big ant in or around your home, you may have Carpenter Ants—a bigger ant that causes a bigger problem. While Sugar Ants are an annoyance, they rarely cause expensive structural damage like their cousins, the Carpenter Ant. You can get temporary relief from these pests with store-bought pesticides, but the problem is likely to return without professional help. Ants leave pheromone trails to food sources, which makes a return infestation likely.


Even though ants are one of the most common pests in New York and you may not think much of seeing some crawling around your home, these pests do come with some risks!

Health Risks

All ants are capable of biting, which can lead to pain, discomfort, and even irritations, allergic reactions, and infections.

Property Damage

Carpenter ants in particular can cause significant damage to wood structures over time by nesting and tunneling through.


Knockout Pest Control technicians are experts in the life process of the Sugar Ant and use this knowledge to eradicate a Sugar Ant infestation problem. We use integrated pest management techniques including green baiting systems and pesticides to interrupt the Sugar Ants pheromone trails to food sources and eliminate colonies by killing the Queen. We will also work with you to eliminate Sugar Ant food sources and close Sugar Ant paths to entry into buildings. Sugar Ants are pesky insects, and they can come from more than one colony. If you think you may have a Sugar Ant problem, call Knockout Pest Control today–before they establish foraging trails into your home or place of business.

Sugar Ants are covered in our effective and affordable Integrated Pest Management Annual Package KO-12 Program that provides you with pest protection throughout the year.

Knockout Pest Control is your local expert at knocking out ants of all kinds from pavement ants to carpenter ants, and we keep them down for the count. Every member of our team receives over 100 hours of classroom instruction and in-the-field training so you are guaranteed a knock out punch to your pest problem every time. 

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