About Knockout Pest Control

Local Pest Control Experts Since 1975

Trained to Deliver a Knock out Punch to Your Pest Problem

Why Choose Knockout Pest Control?

Your Local Pest Control Experts

We have been serving New York, including New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx), Long Island, Rockland County, Westchester County, and Staten Island for over 40 years.

Eliminating All Kinds of Pest Infestations

We get rid of bed bugs, termites, carpenter ants, and infestations of all kinds. We are experts at identifying your specific pest problem and applying the right pest control treatment to knock them out for the count

Expert Technicians in common NY & LI Pests

There are hundreds of different insects in the NY area, and we are your local expert for knocking them out and keeping them down for the count. Every member of our team receives over 100 hours of classroom instruction and in-the-field training.

Enjoy your home pest-free

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