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Pest Control Services in NYC

A pest infestation can cause unexpected trouble in your life and work.

Pest infestations are a common concern for homes and businesses in NYC. Without proper pest control, these infestations can potentially cause irreparable damage to your home and property. Unchecked pest infestations not only cause sudden out of the pocket expenses for you but may also bring down property values. Always call the best pest control professionals at the first sign of trouble.

What can a professional pest control service do?

The first thing everyone tries is DIY pest control remedy when they discover a pest problem at home or work. Infestations are often in more locations than visually apparent. Professional pest control companies have experienced exterminators who know about these common hiding spots, and can eliminate pests, nests, and eggs. If you want a permanent solution to pest problems, call professional pest control services instead of going the DIY route.

A professional exterminator service in NYC is required to provide environmentally safe pest control for your home and business. That is yet another reason to call professional pest control services in NYC.

Knockout Pest Control Service in NYC

When contracting out pest control, you must look for three things – experience, equipment, and certification. A professional pest control agency will have all three, plus a promise of quality service. Knockout Pest Control in NYC is not just a professional exterminator service but a brand that speaks reliability. We are quality pro-rated, provide 24/7 emergency pest control in NYC and all its boroughs. We also have the LEED and Green Pro Certifications for providing environmentally safe pest control services.

Call a Professional Pest Exterminator

Troubled by pests in your NYC apartment or office space? Trust Knockout Pest Control for providing the best pest control in NYC. We have the best people and the best equipment needed for the job. Our emergency response team reaches you in no time at all. Moreover, we are familiar with the building plans and layouts in NYC (both old and new ones), which gives us the upper hand when dealing with hidden pest infestations.

Here’s what makes our NYC pest control services the most reliable and trustworthy:

  • A complete inspection of your home or business property by licensed pest exterminators.
  • Customized pest control and treatment plans for individual property types.
  • Quarterly pest control checks to prevent new infestations from happening.

Bed Bug Inspections in NYC

Knockout Pest Control Services also help you get rid of bed bug infestations. We root out bed bugs from your apartment or home with environmentally friendly treatments. Our bed bug control services in NYC are among the best in business, and we use industry-leading techniques like Cryonite treatment and heat treatment for effectively killing bed bugs. Also, we do a thorough cleanup after the treatment to leave you with a bed-bug-free home and broad smile.

Termite Inspection in NYC

Like bed bugs, termites are also a big problem for the residents of NYC. Termites not only destroy your home, furniture, and valuables but can also cause severe structural damage, leading to costly repairs and perhaps a  drop in your property’s value. Knockout Pest Control offers the best termite exterminator service in NYC. We perform a complete check of your property and weed out termite infestations from the most unlikely places using our expertise as NYC’s best pest control service.

Knockout Pest Control Can Knock Out Your Pest Infestation

  • If you are facing a bed bug or termite infestation, we can knock them out and keep them down. 
  • Our treatment options for bed bugs include Heat, Cold, and chemical treatments. 
  • Our Termite treatments include chemicals outside of your home as well as in-ground bait stations that will control the pest infestation. 

Our innovative, green treatments like Cryonite and in-depth knowledge of the pest control services come to your aid in the time of need. We don’t have a big red boxing glove in our logo for nothing! We serve Long Island, New York City, The Bronx, Westchester, Rockland, and Bergen Counties.

 Call 1-800-244-PEST or 1-800-244-7378 for fast. 24-hour pest control service, seven days a week.

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