How to Prevent Pests in Your Dumpsters

Business owners have many responsibilities and constantly have to worry about management issues.

Owners of restaurants, construction, and landscaping companies will have to add one more problem to their list — since they all regularly use dumpsters.

Dumpsters can be the perfect environment for certain pests to live in which can later affect their businesses.

Pests That Are Found Near Dumpsters

Anyone who uses a dumpster is at risk of a pest infestation. Not only will the dumpster be filled with insects and rodents, but they can spread to other areas like the building or vehicles of the company.

Dumpsters behind restaurants will attract many different types of flies, cockroaches, and rodents because of the leftover food.

Construction companies may see termites from old wood that is thrown away.

Landscaping companies may see any type of insect, like termites or roaches, because of old mulch.

Tips to Prevent Pests from Living in Your Dumpsters

  • Place all dumpsters no less than 50 feet from your building; preferably 100 feet away.
  • Place the dumpster near a sewer drain so water and other liquids have a place to end up after a cleaning.
  • Trim all grass, bushes, and trees in the surrounding area.
  • Clean with a high-pressure washer regularly and degreaser on a regular basis.
  • When a dumpster begins to rust or garner a large number of holes and cracks it should be replaced.
  • Always keep trash inside of the dumpster; never outside of it.
  • All trash should be in bags that are sealed off. Loose garbage will attract more pests.
  • Never overflow a dumpster with garbage. If you constantly overflow it, consider getting an additional one.

Following these tips will prevent pests from setting up their residence in your dumpsters.

When you notice a pest or two in your dumpsters, you may already have an infestation.

Knockout Pest Control can help eliminate pests and prevent them from entering your business. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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