Insects In Your Pantry

Insects are labelled as pests because they always seem to find their way into your home to annoy you. Certain pests are drawn to specific areas in your home, like the pantry for example. These little pantry pests will make their way into boxes of food, opened or unopened. Unfortunately, there are many different types of pantry pests and they will contaminate whichever food they come in contact with.

Indianmeal Moths
Of any moth species, the indianmeal moth is the most common one that is found in or around the pantry. Adult moths will make their way into stored food products to lay their eggs. Once the larvae are born, they will begin to feed on food such as grain. If you notice any sort of silk webbing or cocoons in the pantry, be sure to check your food before consuming.

Cigarette Beetles
This small, rounded bug is commonly found in pantries and near spice racks, but you can also find them flying around windows. Like the indianmeal moth, cigarette beetles mainly feed on grain. Their palate also includes; spices, pasta, tobacco products, and anything made out of paper. Since these little guys can fly around, keep an eye out for them near your bookshelf.

Flour Beetles
Two species of flour beetles exist; one is found in homes and the other is found in flour mills. Flour beetles that are found in homes will feed on flour, cereal, dried fruits, nuts, and your precious chocolate. Ridding these bugs from your home can be challenging because they are resilient. The average flour beetle can withstand a higher amount of radiation than the famous cockroach.

When storing food in your pantry, be sure to keep everything sealed tightly. Yes, some pantry pests can chew through the paper or cardboard, but your chances of avoiding these pests increases. For added insurance, place all boxed foods in plastic and glass containers that can’t be chewed through Also, try to not stock up on too much food at once and use opened packages before opening newer ones.

These little nuisances are small and hard to prevent. If you happen to notice that your pantry and home has been infested with pests, it may be wise to call a professional for extermination. At Knockout Pest Control, our pest control management professionals will be there to rid your pantry of any problems. Don’t just send these pests packing — knock them out! To learn more, or to schedule a service, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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