3 Pests You Didn’t Know Were In Your Home

It’s a well-known fact that there are multiple species of pest living in each of our homes at this very moment — gosh, that’s a scary thought… You’re probably thinking, “Sure, there’s a few spiders in the attic or an ant or two in the cupboard.”

Yes, those “everyday” pests are probably there. But there are a few other species of dangerous pests that are carefully tucked away in your home.

The scary part is — you have no idea they’re even there!

Blood Sucking Bed Bugs

One of the worst house guests you’ll ever have are in fact, bed bugs. These blood suckers will feast on you and your family before going into hiding for a few days. Due to their obscenely small size and fast reproductive habits, a few bed bugs can turn into an infestation in a matter of weeks!

Like their name suggests, bed bugs will hide in bed frames, mattresses, bedding, and even other areas like furniture and electrical outlets. Inspect these areas often in search of these seed-sized, red-brown pests. Even if you only find a single bed bug, contact your local pest management company ASAP.

Ah Drats! It’s Rats!

The idea of even having a rat in your home seems both impossible while also sending chills down your spine. Don’t think that this is a rare thing to happen. Rats (and mice) are quite common, especially during the winter; if they can find an opening in your home (even gaps smaller than a dime).

And don’t think for a second that you know you don’t have one in your home just because you’ve never even seen one. Rats can easily go unnoticed by staying hidden in walls, cluttered spaces, and only coming out when the house is quiet (AKA at night).

The reasons rats are awful house guests?

Not only do they carry germs and bacteria that can cause multiple diseases and illnesses, they can chew through electrical wires — becoming a very serious fire hazard. And to think you thought some rats would help cook you a nice meal… This isn’t the movies!

What the Heck is a Silverfish?

Quick History Lesson: Silverfish are a species that has been around for over 300 million years. Yes, even before most dinosaurs! Unfortunately, they’re a species of pest that are still thriving, feasting, and hiding in each of our homes.

If you go looking, you may find silverfish in the damp areas of your home — basements, crawl spaces, (attics if roof leaks exist), and in bathrooms near plumbing pipes.

Having silverfish in your home can be a nightmare, as they love to feed on books, paper products, clothing, glues, dry foods (flour, pasta, rice, pet food), stored holiday decorations, etc. Protect your possessions by making sure these commonly forgotten-about pests are nowhere near your home.

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