How to Keep Backyard Pests From Ruining Your Garden

Every spring you spend hours upon hours of your time tending to your lawn and prized garden.

The last thing you want is for all of your hard work to be eaten up by backyard pests just looking for a quick meal.

If you’re sick of having your lawn and garden chewed to pieces, it’s time to do something about these pests.

Rabbit Removal

When you notice vegetables in your garden with large pieces missing and flowers without petals, you might have yourself a bit of a rabbit problem.

To better protect your plants, make sure they are surrounded by fences that are at least two feet in height. For additional insurance, plant some thyme and lavender in your garden as the scent of these plants can repel rabbits.

So Long Squirrels

Like rabbits, squirrels will nibble on your vegetables and precious flowers, but they’ll also empty out your bird feeders and chew on any outdoor electrical wires. For squirrels, it can be difficult to deter these pests as they are very skilled climbers.

However, you should still install fences around your garden and plants, plug up any holes in your house, and trim branches so they can’t jump from a tree to your roof.

Not only do squirrels love eating your garden, but they will also try to find ways into your home!

Deter the Deer

You might think seeing a deer in your yard is a majestic sight, but in reality, you’re just going to end up with chewed up plants and flowers, gouged tree trunks, and hoof marks all over your lawn.

You can put up a fence around your property to keep deer out, but the fence will need to be at least eight feet in height. Additionally, you can sprinkle shredded up pieces of soap throughout your lawn and garden as this odor will repel deer.

You should also consider planting rosemary since deer do not like this scent or taste either.

All of your hard landscaping and gardening work can go right down the toilet if you don’t watch out for these backyard pests.

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