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Bed Bug Detection & Treatment Services in NYC, LI, Westchester & the Surrounding Areas

Knockout Pest Control is your hot, cold, and effective Bed Bug solution!

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Heat treatment for Bed Bugs
Cryonite treatment for Bed Bugs
Bed Bug detection by dogs

Bed Bug Training Video

For this class, we were assigned in groups of 4 to make a video for a client. Our group’s assignment was to make a Bed Bug Training video for the staff of the Family and Children’s Association of Long Island. This was a semester-long project and you can see the result of all our hard work in the video.


Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs

Kill Bed Bugs NYC | Long Island | Brooklyn | Queens

Knockout Heat treatment is your first line of defense against Bed Bugs. With customer satisfaction as our number one goal, we offer fast, discreet, and eco-friendly solutions to your Bed Bug problem. Our non-toxic heat applications can be applied to specific isolated areas.

This treatment method heats the infested space and surrounding walls to a temperature above 125 degrees Fahrenheit. This kills all Bed Bugs and their eggs during one single treatment. Our equipment is designed specifically to spread, control, monitor heat, and distribute it into hard to reach spaces inside your walls, bedding, and furniture.

  • Effective – Killing all stages of Bed Bug life, including the eggs.
  • Efficient – Only one day and one treatment is required.
  • Prep- Minimum preparations required.

Cryonite® Is the Environmentally Friendly Bed Bug Treatment to Kill Bed Bugs

Freeze Bed Bugs NYC | Long Island | Brooklyn | Queens

Cryonite freezes Bed Bugs, nymphs, larvae and egg in seconds, without harsh chemicals. Cryonite is pure dry ice snow that blankets surfaces and penetrates crevices with -110°F of killing power. It instantly freezes the liquid in the Bed Bug bodies and their eggs, killing all other insects too. The fatal freeze vapor permeates the seams of bedding, into cracks, even into light sockets, finding Bed Bugs where they hide and nest. Because it kills Bed Bugs across the entire lifecycle, this Bed Bug treatment takes out your infestation fast. Cryonite leaves no gummy, toxic residue, and The CO2 snow evaporates with scarcely a trace within minutes. It won’t damage bedding or furniture. You can even eat off treated surfaces. Learn more about Cryonite treatment.


K9 Detection Services by Certified Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Bed Bug Dog Detection NYC | Long Island | Brooklyn | Queens

Our Bed Bug detection dogs can sniff out the presence of a Bed Bug from several feet away, wherever it may be hiding—whether in a mattress or behind a wall. The dog’s trained sense of smell detects the distinctive molecular signature left by an adult or even nymph bed bugs down to 500 parts per trillion. Bed Bug detection dogs can inspect your home in minutes, saving time and money, pinpointing an infestation and ensuring your home is Bed Bug-free on following visits. Knowing exactly where Bed Bugs are hiding helps us apply the right Bed Bug treatment in the right place. Unlike other pest control companies, we use an independent company, so there is no financial incentive for us to “find” bed bugs that are not there. If you have the slightest suspicion you might have Bed Bugs, schedule an inspection before they take hold. Learn more about our Bed Bug detection dogs.

Conventional Bed Bug Treatment

We apply Insecticides thoroughly to furniture, beds, frames, seams, mattresses, box springs, baseboards, etc. Some preparation is required.

Bed Bug Infestations Increasing in New York

Bed Bug infestations have grown dramatically. Just five years ago, Bed Bugs on Long Island, New York City, Westchester or Rockland County were rare. Since then, Bed Bug infestations are up over 125%.

The National Pest Management Association’s Bed Bug study “Bugs without Borders” has been tracking the trend. In 2001, only 11% of pest control companies nationwide had responded to a Bed Bug call. By 2011, more than 99% had dealt with Bug infestations. 84% say calls for Bed Bug treatment are increasing.

Bed Bug Problems: Contributing Factors

  • 82% Increased Travel
  • 66% Lack of Awareness and Vigilance
  • 57% Changing Pest Control Method
  • 50% Resistance to Insecticides

Bed Bugs Move Beyond Beds to Infest Commercial Properties

Bed Bug infestations are now common in places of business.

  • 90% of pest control companies have treated Bed Bugs in apartments, condominiums and single-family homes
  • 80% in hotels and motels—up 67% between 2010 and 2011
  • 54% in college dorms—up from 35% a year ago
  • 46% in nursing homes, up from 25%

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Getting rid of Bed Bugs by yourself is almost impossible. Unless you are using the right tools and know what you are doing, exterminating Bed Bugs is frustrating. Knockout Pest Control uses the latest technologies and knows how to combat resistance in Bed Bugs.

Here is a list of a few ways to treat Bed Bugs:

When You Have Bed Bugs You Need the Best

Bed Bugs are a serious problem. Get the most qualified help you can find. Knockout Pest Control exceeds the New York licensing requirements with both QualityPro and Quality Pro Green ratings:

qualityprologo copy
  • Employee screening, hiring practices, and comprehensive background and reference checks
  • Rigorous financial responsibility criteria
  • Service vehicle and employee appearance requirements
  • Job safety and environmental stewardship obligations regarding pesticide handling and use
  • Integrity, accuracy, and clarity in marketing, advertising, and warranty conditions
  • Comprehensive technician training in integrated pest management with testing and certification to a standard in excess of New York licensing requirements.

Knockout Pest Control Can Knock Out Your Bed Bug Infestation

If you find yourself with a Bed Bug Infestation, we can knock them down for the count. Our innovative, GREEN treatments, like Cryonite, and our extensive knowledge in dealing with Bed Bugs will eliminate your problem. We serve all of Long Island, New York City, Westchester, Rockland, and Bergen Counties.  Call 1-800-244-PEST or 1-800-244-7378 for fast, 24-hour service, provided seven days a week.. We don’t have the big red boxing glove in our logo for nothing!

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