Why Am I Afraid of Spiders?

Do you scream in terror every time you see a spider — even if it’s just a picture or video of one on Facebook?

While they are creepy to look at, there’s a reason why these eight-legged pests are scaring you half to death. Some people aren’t overreacting, they’re actually THAT scared!

What Causes You to Be Afraid of Spiders?

Arachnophobia is the irrational fear of spiders. While this is commonly known, what is not always known is that this fear can set in at the site of webs or any type of creature that resembles a spider (any insect with more than just a few legs).

Roughly one-third of the western world’s population experiences this phobia, so don’t feel like you’re the only one!

How Do People With Arachnophobia Feel?

Many people are afraid of spiders. Some are afraid because of the stigma that they’ll get bitten and injected with venom. Others are afraid because they just watched too much Fear Factor growing up.

However, people with Arachnophobia feel a heightened state of anxiety when they see or think about spiders. In response to seeing one, a person with Arachnophobia may scream, become very sweaty, begin to cry, have the knee jerk reaction to run away on sight, or a combination of all of these.

Can You Get Over Your Fears?

Anyone can eventually get over their fears — but this can be a difficult challenge for those experiencing a type of phobia. Like anything, you will get better with practice. Therefore, people with Arachnophobia will need to build a tolerance by constantly exposing themselves to situations where they are in the presence of spiders.

Start by looking at pictures more often, then moving to online videos, and eventually seeing one in person (in a controlled setting). While you might not get over this phobia entirely, you may be able to build up enough of a tolerance where you calmly remove yourself from a “spider-situation” in the future.

Being afraid of spiders is a tale as old as time — but for some, this fear is far more than just being startled. If your home or business has an unusual amount of spiders (especially in the winter), gie us a call and we’ll provide you with a free inspection.

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