Why You Need to Prune Your Trees Now!

While it makes sense to prune your trees for aesthetic purposes, there are more functional explanations for maintaining your green friends.

Now that spring is literally right here, it makes sense to grab your tools and perform some pruning before the trees start to grow again.

The Removal of Pests

If a tree has become smitten with a pest infestation, pruning is hands-down one of best ways to stop it from spreading.

Many pests will be attracted to unpruned trees as they will provide them with a more dense shelter. Therefore, by cutting some of the dead branches and leaves away, there will be less room to hide.

Additionally, unpruned trees will harbor more moisture — especially from early morning dew and after rainfall. This increased moisture is exactly what pests love, but it can also lead to an increased risk of tree fungus and disease.

The Trees Will Grow More

A good (and proper) trim, especially one deployed by a professional tree service, can foster growth in the roots, which helps transport more nutrients to the rest of the tree.

This will allow the tree to flourish beautifully during the spring — more so than if it were left unpruned.

Pruning can also help fortify trees against harsh weather by making them stronger and stabilizing them during stormy weather conditions. Additionally, pruning will make way for new branches to grow by removing dying areas from the tree.

The Safety of the Property

Aside from saving you from a potential lawsuit, pruning can eliminate the chance of heavy, dead branches from falling and causing an accident.

When you add severe storms with high winds, you are putting people and expensive property at extreme risk

All in all, there are a myriad of benefits that come from pruning your trees. Contrary to popular belief, pruning your trees before the spring hits can halt potential infestation before it takes hold of a healthy tree.

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