What Not to Do After Finding Bed Bugs

The moment you find a bed bug in your home — your heart will drop.

Why? Because you instantly know that you now have a problem that will remain in your home until you solicit the help of pest management professionals.

In the wake of discovering this infestation, there’s a long list of things you should NOT do.

What Not to Do After Finding Bed Bugs

  • Do Not Panic. It’s important to take a deep breath and know that things can be okay. The sooner you contact your local pest management company, the faster you can move on from this temporary nightmare.
  • Do Not Use Pesticides. Self-treating your home with whatever pesticides you might have in the garage can be extremely hazardous to you and your family’s health.
  • Do Not Use Pesticides to Help Soothe Bed Bug Bites. This should be known without being said, but doing this can make you extremely sick. Instead, consult your medical doctor for the proper way to treat these bites.
  • Do Not Throw Away Furniture. Most items within your home can be treated, so don’t go ahead and jump the gun — this will cost you money that you don’t need to spend. Plus, throwing away furniture could spread the infestation to whoever picks it up from your home.
  • Do Not Move Items Around. It’s possible the bed bugs are only in one room of the house (if the infestation is still fairly new). Keep everything in its place to prevent more areas of the house from becoming infested.
  • Do Not Assume It Will Subside. Bed bug infestations aren’t going anywhere if you don’t start the pest management process. Assuming these pests will eventually move on is naive, as they will remain in place as long as there is a meal for them to feed off of — and that meal is you!

There’s a lot you shouldn’t do when you first discover bed bugs in your home. However, the first thing you should do is contact your local pest management company.

Professionals will be able to get a handle on this problem and have the best chance at having it removed from your home (or business).

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