Bugs That Bite

There are many different types of insects that occupy New York state and a handful of them can wind up in your home. Not only can they cause damage to your home, but some of them can cause damage to you! It’s always important to know which bugs can pack a punch with their bite.

Accidental Biters

  • Spiders – Of any insect, the spider is the one pest that many are terrified of being bitten by. Here’s some good news for you — spiders only bite in self-defense. Most bites happen when the spider feels threatened, with the occasional bite while you are asleep.
  • The Motley Crew – There are a small group of bugs that will bite, but only in self defense like spiders. Cockroaches, crickets, beetles, centipedes, and dragonflies are all capable of biting and possibly even breaking the skin. However, bites from these pests are not as common as you may think.


  • Bed bugs – Whether your house is dirty or clean, bed bugs can thrive! These blood suckers will bite and feed off of you while you sleep. Most people will wake with multiple bite marks.
  • Fleas – These little pests will start by only feeding off of pets. Once the flea population grows to a substantial number, they will move on to humans for an increased food source. Fleas can remain in your home even after the household pet is long gone.
  • Ticks – There are multiple species of ticks and they can all latch onto you for a quick meal. Ticks can spread from heavily wooded areas to your front yard; biting you with the possibility of spreading diseases such as Lyme’s disease. Other ticks, such as the brown dog tick, can latch onto your household pooch. Eventually they can leave their new furry friend and head over to you for their main course!

There are many bugs that can bite you, whether they’re looking for a meal or if they’re just defending themselves. If these pests are in your home then it is best to get rid of them before an infestation begins. By calling Knockout Pest Control you can avoid an infestation or start to manage an existing one. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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