Tricks to Keep Raccoons Away From Your Trash


You’ve successfully managed to clean your kitchen of all crumbs and food scraps, now it’s time to take the trash out. You’re doing great! All of the garbage is sealed perfectly in the trash bag and you’ve placed it in the outside garbage bin. Perfect, a job well done! Well, not just yet because there are a few things you should do to keep pests, such as raccoons, out of the trash.


The Right Type of Trash Can
Raccoons are scavengers that will do anything and everything to get to a tasty meal. The first rule is to always keep the lid closed on the can, that way there are no scents and open invitations for these pests. Raccoons are known for chewing through plastic garbage cans, so instead, purchase metal trash cans to avoid any animal from chewing through them.

Secure the Lid
Since you can’t resort to a plastic lock lid due to the sharp teeth of raccoons, other measures will have to be taken to secure the lid. Common ways to keep a lid attached to its can is to use a bungee cord, rope, chain, or a stretchy rubber tubing. If you’re constantly placing items in your trash can and find this to be a hassle, rest a brick or cinder block on top of the lid.

Spray the Can
Raccoons are attracted to garbage cans due to all of the wild scents that escape from them. To avoid making these scents noticeable to raccoons, spray the inside of the garbage can with ammonia. To a raccoon, ammonia smells like urine and it is quite unpleasant. Also, take your ammonia and spray it in other areas of your property where you’ve seen raccoons in the past.

Raccoons are always looking for a free meal and your trash can is the perfect place for them to start. When your property is constantly being tortured by raccoons, contact Knockout Pest Control. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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