Popular Infestations Your Apartment Can Be at Risk For

A large portion of the population isn’t homeowners.

Many people live in apartments and condos where they have their own living space, but share other areas like parking lots, stairwells, hallways, recreation rooms, etc.

Unfortunately, when one person becomes exposed to certain pest infestations — everyone else within the same building is also prone to these infestations.

Different Beds, Same Bugs

Bed bugs are like camels — they go months at a time without having a meal. However, they will look for their next meal (AKA you) every couple of days.

The reason bed bug infestations are so easily spread is because of their keen sense of nearby carbon dioxide. This blood sucking pest can sense carbon dioxide (AKA our exhaled breaths) from up to 75 feet away!

So if an apartment is infested with bed bugs and the person living there isn’t home for a little while (or the apartment has been vacated), the bed bugs will go elsewhere in search of a meal.

This is when you should start worrying.

People that live in the surrounding apartments could be the next victim for an infestation of bed bugs to feed on.

Pro Tip: Bed bugs can also stay behind long after a person has moved out of an apartment by hiding in the furniture. So carefully inspect any furniture that has been left behind by previous renters.

Fleas Are a Different Story

Unlike bed bugs, fleas won’t remove themselves from their host and go into hiding until they’re ready for their next meal.

Fleas will stay latched onto their host, as they’re known to be permanent parasites. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your apartment becoming infested if you hear that the neighbor’s dog has fleas.

Even though humans don’t make the greatest of hosts for fleas — dogs and cats can be! If you’re a pet owner and hear through the grapevine that your neighbor’s pet has fleas, be very careful.

Keep your pet out of common areas like hallways and recreation rooms, while also making sure they have the appropriate flea collar on.

When an infestation strikes a single apartment, all of the surrounding ones are at risk. So if you happen to live in an apartment complex or condominium, take the proper precautions to ensure your humble abode isn’t next on the list!

(And if you need help with those prevention methods, give us a call — that’s why we’re here!)

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