The Most Common Home for Bed Bugs


Out of the thousands of pests across the United States, there’s one nomadic insect that keeps causing problems. The bed bug will find its way into many homes, infesting and biting wherever it ends up. Of all the places bed bugs wind up, which homes do they seem to inhabit the most?

Where Are They Found?
Bed bugs can exist anywhere, as long as there are living creatures to feed off in the near vicinity. The most popular place where bed bugs are found: Single-family homes and apartments. Following these residences, bed bugs can be found in hotels & motels, college dormitories, nursing homes, office buildings, schools, hospitals, and public transportation — in that order.

Favorite Hiding Spots
Once bed bugs are in your home they can hide in a wide array of different locations. Behind wallpaper, in the cushions of furniture, and inside of electrical outlets are common hiding spots for these creepy crawlers. All of these locations are in dark areas because they are nocturnal. You may find bed bugs in these locations, but the most common areas are in mattresses and box springs as their name suggests.

On The Run
If your home has never had bed bugs and an infestation randomly occurs, then how did they make their way in? These little blood suckers will make their way into your shoes and suitcases during your travels. Remember to always check your belongings before unpacking them in your home.

Bed bugs will travel near and far to score a meal — which ends up being you! When a bed bug infestation occurs in your home, act fast by calling the professionals at Knockout Pest Control. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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