Pest-Proofing Tips For The Attic & Basement

It can be easy for pests to live in your attic or basement. Since they are usually dark and uninhabited areas of the home, they provide the ideal conditions for nesting. Below are some pest-proofing tips to implement in your attic and basement.

Replace Damaged Weatherstripping

When the weatherstripping around your foundation gets damaged, it provides the perfect opportunity for pests to enter your home through the basement. Luckily, replacing damaged weatherstripping can seal up these gaps to keep pests out. In this case, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Keep These Areas Dry & Well-Ventilated 

Moisture sites in your attic or basement give pests all the more reason to call your house their new home. When it comes to your preventative pest control measures, do your best to keep these areas of the home well-ventilated and dry. This can be achieved by putting a dehumidifier in these rooms.

Store Items Properly

It is commonplace for homeowners to use their attics and basements for their storage needs. Unfortunately, certain pests have no trouble gnawing their way through cardboard boxes to see what is inside. You can prevent this scenario from happening altogether by storing your belongings in plastic sealed containers. 

Do you have reason to believe that pests are living in your attic or basement? If so, the professionals here at Knockout Pest Control can resolve even the toughest pest control issues. We can knockout pests and keep them down for the count! 

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