How Overgrown Vegetation Can Lead to a Pest Infestation

Are you the type of person that dreads mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, and trimming down plants on your property?

(We don’t blame you… it’s a lot of work!)

But as much work as maintaining your property can be, it can help keep pests away from your home AND out of your home.

Overgrown Vegetation Leads to an Infestation

When lawns aren’t mowed, weeds aren’t pulled, and other plants aren’t trimmed down, they become more desirable shelters for a long list of pests. Obviously, this isn’t a good thing because who wants pests living right outside of their home?

Unfortunately, once populations of certain pests (that live in your lawn) start to increase, they’re one step closer to being inside of your home. This is when the infestation can start to affect your health and other aspects of your daily life.

Once pests house themselves in the overgrown vegetation, they’re one small crack or hole away from taking over your home…

Pests That LOVE Vegetation

There’s a long list of pests that use vegetation as their shelter, as well as the place where they hunt for their next meal. Below are a few you might find in your backyard:


As one of the most popular pests, ticks are known for the dangerous Lyme disease they can carry if infected. Ticks are most commonly found in heavily wooded areas, but can also be found on residential properties that aren’t well-maintained and contain a lot of overgrown vegetation.

When ticks look for a host they can prey on, they will stand atop of tall leaves or grass and jump onto their host. The more vegetation you have, the better chances you have of being bit by a tick.


Wait a minute, aren’t fleas found on dogs and cats?

Yes, but how do you think your pet got these fleas?

Lawns that aren’t well-maintained are known for harboring fleas. For pet owners that allow their dogs or cats to roam free in the backyard, you’re in for a world of trouble.

Fleas will take shelter in your grass, wait for your pets to come outside, lay their eggs on them, and now your pet has fleas as they blissfully walk back inside of the house!


There are multiple species of crickets you can find in your yard. The chirping ones can be annoying, but many people can live with the noise.

The camel cricket is the pest you need to be worrying about. Even though this pest is a simple nuisance like its cousin, these UGLY pests can multiply fast, jump at you when they feel threatened, and cause a mess when they’re smashed.

The last thing you need is for a camel cricket population to start on your property where they’ll eventually find their way into your basements, bathrooms, and other rooms that might be filled with moisture.

If your home or property is infested with any type of pest, be sure to call us ASAP before the infestation spirals out of control!

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