How To Keep Common Winter Pests Away From Your Home Or Office

When the winter months roll around, many pests enter homes  and buildings in search of warmth and food. The most common winter pests are mice, rats, raccoons, spiders and cockroaches. Luckily, there are some easy prevention tactics you can take to keep these pests away.

  1. Seal cracks and holes on the outside of the home. Mice can enter through holes as small as a dime.
  2. Keep trees and bushes trimmed and away from the structure. Remove any branches that hang over the roof and allows pests easy entry.
  3. Inspect the outside of your home for broken vent covers. Raccoons tend to find their way in through chimneys and attics. Install a mesh cover over your chimney to prevent access.
  4. Eliminate clutter. Once inside, pests like to hide in cluttered, dark areas. Keep everything off the floor.  
  5. Eliminate sources of moisture in the basement or crawl space. Norway rats are known to chew through plastic or lead pipes to get food and water. These rats can spread many diseases including jaundice and cowpox.
  6. Keep counters and floors clean and crumb free. Cockroaches are common in kitchens and bathrooms due to their proximity to food and moisture.
  7. Don’t let garbage build up. Use a scented garbage bag and take out the trash regularly.
  8. Store out of season clothes and shoes in plastic containers to keep spiders away.
  9. Store trash cans and bins in a shed or away from the home or building. Use animal proof lids to prevent animals from identifying a food source.
  10. Inspect your home regularly. Keep an eye out for droppings, half eaten food, and oily skid marks caused by rodent fur. Check for cockroaches under appliances and sinks.

If you suspect you have a winter pest in your home or office, call Knockout right away. The longer you wait, it is more likely that damage to the structure will occur.

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