Do Bed Bugs Like Dirty Homes?

The last thing you want inside of your home is an infestation of bed bugs — trust us!

The very second one of these blood suckers enters your home, you will be doomed with a massive infestation that will eat away at you, literally.

When trying to figure out if your home might be a possible candidate for a bed bug infestation, its cleanliness isn’t a big factor like you thought it would be.

Does a Dirty Home Attract Bed Bugs?

We’re just going to come out and say it. Simply having a dirty home won’t attract bed bugs. However, there’s evidence to back up that there’s a partial truth to this.

Bed bugs are attracted to humans because we are recognized as a meal for them. However, it is not their vision that’s telling them the person in front of them is a snack.

It’s the person’s scent that’s attracting these pests.

The Study: Clean Clothes vs Dirty Clothes

A study was completed where a group of people were told to wear white socks and white t-shirts for three hours. Once the timer was finished, these people derobed and placed their shirts and socks into a single tote bag.

Next to that tote bag, was another one filled with the same amount of white socks and white t-shirts, except these were unworn. Bed bugs were then released into the room and left to wander for the next four days.

What happened?

There were two times the amount of bed bugs on the worn clothes, compared to the unworn clothes.

What does this mean?

Practice proper hygiene by keeping your body clean each and every day. On top of that, keep your dirty laundry off of the floors, confined to hampers, and don’t let the dirty clothes sit for too long.

What About the House Itself?

As far as the cleanliness of your home — bed bugs are no more attracted to dirty homes than they are clean ones. Other than their attraction to our human scent, bed bugs do not discriminate when it comes to infesting homes, apartments, businesses, hotels, etc.

However, you should still keep a clean home. Why? Because there are dozens of other pest infestations you can have develop in your home if you don’t!

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