Why Crickets Love Your Home


Have you ever heard a cricket chirp when it’s inside of your home? Have you ever had one leap right at you? These blaring bugs can make noises that will echo through your home and they will jump right at you if you get too close. If you have crickets in your home, here’s why:


Why They Love Your Home
Crickets are the food source for spiders, reptiles, birds, rodents, and many other animals that exist on or around your property. When these pests enter your humble abode, they can begin their new diet of cotton, silk, wool, nylon, plants, and anything else they can find without having to worry about being prey for once. Who doesn’t like to eat food without the fear of being eaten alive?

Types of Crickets
If you thought there was only one type of cricket that could infest your home, boy are you wrong! House, field, and camel crickets are three different species that equally love to infest your home, especially when it’s cold outside. House crickets and field crickets do have their differences, but they both are similar in appearance. Camel crickets, on the other hand, are one of a kind. With long legs and bodies, these crickets are big, ugly, and quite terrifying to find in your home.

Prevention Methods
First things first, inspect the walls of your basement, crawlspace, and foundation of your home. Fill in any cracks or holes that could be giving these crickets easy access to your home. While you’re in the basement, give it a good cleaning to eliminate clutter that could house existing crickets. Next, head outside and tend to your property. Cut the lawn, trim bushes close to the house, rake any leaves, and clean out your gutter system. Doing so will eliminate multiple places where crickets can create a shelter.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean there aren’t pests that won’t jump at the opportunity to live in your home. When your home has been infested by crickets or any other pest, contact Knockout Pest Control. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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