Clearing Your Pool of Bugs


Memorial Day weekend is here and it’s time to open up the pool for a summer filled with swimming and other outdoor activities. While cleaning the pool, and throughout the entire summer, certain bugs will find their way into your personal paradise. You’ll want to rid these algae feeding bugs from your pool before an infestation occurs.pool before an infestation occurs.

Shock & Awe
When you open up the pool for the first time you’ll need to shock it with chlorine. Chlorination will kill all organic matter in the water until the pH level starts to dwindle back down. Throughout the rest of the summer, many people forget that you must keep shocking the pool at least one to two times per week.

Tidy Up
Just like any other part of your home, the pool needs to be cleaned with brushes and vacuums. At least every other day you’ll want to brush the floor and walls of the pool to remove any algae or residue. Afterwards, you’ll want to set up the vacuum to suck it out of the water. If there’s no algae in the pool then there won’t be any algae feeding bugs to match. This daily maintenance is one that is often overlooked by many pool owners.

Light It Up
Most insects are attracted to light so having lighting too close to the pool will attract more. Ideally, any lighting should be placed more than 30 feet away from the pool, angled towards it.There are certain types of light bulbs that give off a yellowish glow that won’t attract nearly as many insects as normal ultraviolet bulbs do. Also, look to use lower wattage bulbs as these will also attract fewer pests.

The pool can be a holy grail for certain species of insects and it’s best to limit the amount that come crawling or flying by. When you need help eliminating pests from your home and property, contact the professionals at Knockout Pest Control. To learn more, or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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