How to React When You See a Spider in Your Home


Seeing a spider in your home is not uncommon at all. In fact, spiders are some of the most common household pests you’ll find on an everyday basis. Rather than screaming, jumping, and throwing things at it, here’s what you should do when you see a spider in your home.


Keep Calm
There’s no reason to jump up and down (and move it all around) when you catch a glimpse of a spider crawling alongside you. Of all of the species of spiders you can find throughout the U.S. there’s only two venomous ones you really have to worry about seeing: the black widow and the brown recluse spider. However, it’s still best to be cautious until the spider’s species has been identified.

Capture If Bitten
If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of being bitten by a spider, try not to kill it. Instead, trap the little creepy crawler so you can identify if it is venomous or not. Keep the spider in the refrigerator, along with any food item you might’ve found it in (like a piece of fruit). For those that refuse to keep this pest in the refrigerator, place it in the freezer, but be careful not to crush it once it’s frozen.

Refrain From Release
Not all spiders in your home are originally from the area in which you live. If the spider came into your home via a piece of fruit or other source, it’s possible that it came from another part of the country (or a different one altogether). Keep this specimen for identification and do not release it into the wild. A non-native spider can do possible harm to your local ecosystem.

Try to keep your spider freakouts to a minimum so you can capture and identify this little house invader. When your home is overrun with an infestation of spiders (or other pests), contact Knockout Pest Control. To learn more or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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