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For 40 years families in the New York Metro area have been relying on Knockout Pest Control to keep their home free from pests. The same level of expertise and professionalism is used at your place of work. Our technicians have over 100 hours of training. They know how to quickly identify a problem and solve it.

Some of the over 70 species of pests Knockout removes that are common problems both in homes and in commercial buildings include:


Termites are the wood destroying insects that nest underground and seek sources of wood for food. When that wood is the structural framework of your building, you have an expensive—even dangerous—problem. How to tell if you have a termite problem? You may notice a swarm of flying termites looking for a place to nest in the spring. You may see mud-colored, blistering wood. Or, you may not see anything at all. It often takes a professional to detect a termite infestation.

  1. Eliminate termite food by getting rid of wood. Keep mulch and wood ground cover away from your foundation. Rubber mulch is a better choice.
  2. Eliminate moisture. Leaking pipes and standing water around your foundation is a termite attractor.
  3. Inspect, inspect, inspect! Termites need warmth, which is why your building is more attractive than a dead tree.

Yellow Jackets/Bees/Wasps

Throughout summer as employees take lunch breaks outdoor, yellow jackets may have taken up residence in areas where they know food will be plentiful. They are drawn to both cooked and raw meat and anything sweet. Among the most aggressive of wasp species, they will not hesitate to attack alone or in swarms. Yellow jackets often nest in the ground or in dead tree trunks as well as behind siding or window trim. The treatment of a nest is often done at dusk or after dark, when the wasps are settled in for the night.
Bed Bugs: Bed bug infestations are up over 125% in the last five years and the populations spike during the warm months. This is bad news not only for the hospitality industry, but increasingly so for condominiums, nursing homes, and college dorms. Did you know that a trained bed bug dog can find bed bugs from several feet away – even behind walls? This method is ideal for finding infestations that are just getting started and for repeat routine inspections to ensure they don’t come back.


A rodent infestation is one of the most serious pest problems a commercial property manager could have. In addition to spreading bacteria, viruses, parasites and fleas or ticks, they can cause thousands of dollars in property damage. Rats have been known to gnaw through PVC plumbing pipes, destroy structural support beams and to chew through wiring— all of which can cause water damage, building settling or even start a fire.
It is important take a comprehensive approach involving traps, baits and chemical treatments since rats are wily and adaptable and a single method is unlikely to eliminate the problem. It is also essential to figure out how rats are getting into the building and close off those avenues.

Green Solutions

The big red boxing glove can pack a big green wallop! Ask about environmentally-safe treatments. Knockout Pest Control has met the comprehensive and stringent environmental standards required to qualify for the Quality Pro Green certification.
As with any pests, early detection is important. Call 1-800-244-PEST or 1-800-244-7378 to schedule an inspection today.

Knockout serves all of Long Island, New York City, and Westchester and Rockland Counties.

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