Why is There a Bat in My House?

When you discover a bat in your home, it isn’t there because someone turned on the Bat Signal. While this animal might be terrifying, it also isn’t there to suck your blood (now take a deep breath in relief). This is what you need to know about having a bat in your home.

Why is There a Bat In My House?

A bat that randomly appears in your home is usually there because it has accidently stumbled into your home. Bats do not normally want to be enclosed inside of your home where they will eventually be hunted by the family who lives there. So stay calm and keep this in mind when attempting to remove this hitchhiker from your home.

How Do Bats Enter Homes?

  • Bats can fly into open windows and doors if they’re left open at night.
  • Bats that are resting comfortably on the exterior of your home can look for a hiding spot in your home if they become startled.
  • Chimneys without a cap can act as an accidental doormat to these winged-mammals.
  • Once a bat is inside of the attic, it can find its way into other areas of your home by shimmying in between the spaces of the interior and exterior walls.

How to Remove Bats From Your House

  • Turn off interior and exterior lights (or turn down dimmer switches) and open all of the windows and doors.
  • Close all non exit-doors in your home and block off hallways and walkways by hanging sheets in front of them to blockade the area. Also, put the pets away in a separate room.
  • Stay in silence, as loud noises can upset bats since they rely on echolocation instead of sight.
  • Do not use broom sticks and tennis rackets to shoo the bat outside as this can cause the bat to swoop down at your head in self-defense.
  • Have two people hold up a sheet and corner the bat into an area where there’s an open window or door.
  • Once the bat has been shooed outside, close all of the windows and doors.
  • If all else fails or you’re afraid to even try, contact a local pest management company.

When you have a friend of Dracula or Batman hanging out in your home, it often begs the question — “How did it get in here?” When you need a pest infestation removed from your home, contact Knockout Pest Control. To learn more or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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