Why Do Mice Like Cheese?

You’ve seen all of the cartoons and have read all of the children’s books. One thing has remained the same for years when it comes to mice — they love cheese! This is one thing that’s been consistent through the years, but have you ever asked, “is this true?”

Do Mice Really Like Cheese?

The answer is actually not a definitive yes — however, it’s also not a no. So what’s the deal? Mice will eat cheese if there’s no other food in the area, but this wouldn’t be their first choice or something they’re drawn to from its scent. We know, we just crushed your entire childhood, but the facts are the facts!

Where Did This Myth Start?

There is no definitive origin for where the cheese myth began. But there are a few theories:

  • During the medieval time period (when there was no refrigeration), families would hang meat from hooks on the ceiling, keep grains in large storage bags/bins, and place wheels of cheese under cloths on tables. Mice wouldn’t be able to reach the hanging meats and grains wouldn’t be noticeably missing, but gnaw marks in cheese are definitely discoverable. It’s one of the few foods where you’d notice a piece missing.
  • It’s also believed that a piece of cheese was chosen by illustrators simply for the imagery. A perfectly triangular piece of cheese with random holes in it looks a lot better than a glob of peanut butter, doesn’t it?

What Do Mice Really Like to Eat?

  • Fruits
  • Chocolate
  • Grains
  • Peanut Butter
  • Anything Sweet With a Strong Aroma

Once you know the truth, you’ll never look at Tom & Jerry the same ever again! For those attempting to remove mice from your home, we can help you — just give us a call!

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