Which Pests Thrive During the Spring?


Spring has sprung and warm weather is on its way, however, so are the springtime pests. Certain pests become more active this time of year and they can be bothersome to you and your home. Out of all of the pests in New York, here are a few of the most common.

When it’s warm out, people and animals alike will spend more of their time outdoors. Being outside more will expose you to ticks and the nasty diseases, like Lyme, that they carry. If you’re ever in the woods or an area with tall grass, be sure to immediately check your entire body for these little blood suckers.

If you see an ant on the sidewalk or street you normally wouldn’t bat an eye. On the other hand, if you see these little guys in your home, your reaction would be the complete opposite. Ants will infest areas in your home like the kitchen, looking for a food source. Seal all garbage in bags and containers, do not leave food out, and sweep up any crumbs that may fall on the floor or table. Once one ant finds a crumb, the colony will soon follow suit.

More people tend to vacation when the weather is warmer and this can raise a red flag for the overnight travelers. Staying in a bed that is foreign to you can expose you to bedbugs which will then latch onto your clothing and luggage. Once the vacation is over, the bedbugs will then be transported back with you where they can infest your home. Always be on the lookout for bedbugs before, during, and after a trip away from home.

The swarming season is here for termites, and boy this is a costly season indeed! In New York, the subterranean termite can eat away at your home and the belongings within. No one realizes they have termites until they see the damage or one appears in the open. By this time it’s too late because your home will be completely infested. A professional termite protection plan is best for these infestations.

Spring is the season of warm weather, flowers, and — pesky pests! When you’ve had enough of the bugs and insects in and around your property, contact the professionals at Knockout Pest Control. To learn more about our pest management plans, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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