Where Do Insects Go During the Winter?


During the spring, summer, and fall you will see an enormous amount of insects. Whether they’re flying around outside or crawling on your driveway, bugs are always commonly seen. With that being said, where do all of these insects go during the winter?

As the temperatures start to drop, many insects do what a lot of retirees end up doing — moving to a warmer climate. Migration is a popular option among many insects, such as the Monarch
Butterfly. This beautiful bug will fly down to Mexico or Florida, depending on which coast it lives on, during the cold weather months.

Buried Larvae
Before the winter arrives, many insects will look for a covered or buried area. These insects will remain here until the spring. Others will replace the water in their body with an antifreeze, called glycerol, to prevent from freezing to death. Under the soil and behind home exterior siding are common hiding spots for these bugs.

Some insects, like caterpillars, will enter the pupal stage in which they enter into a cocoon state. When the spring arrives they will emerge as a newly transformed butterfly or moth.

All the Rest
A decent number of species will try to make their way into the closest environment where it’s warm. A house, apartment, hotel, commercial building, etc. are the perfect hiding places for these bugs. Without this roof over their heads, the possibility of freezing to death is almost certain for many species of insects.

Knowing where certain insects go during the winter can help you understand which ones may be entering your home. Pests such as spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, and even rodents will look to your home as a place to live for the winter. To avoid an infestation, be sure to rely on the local professionals at Knockout Pest Control for all of your pest management needs. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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