What to Do When Cockroaches Don’t Go for the Bait?

Cockroaches are one pest you do NOT want in your home or business. These creepy insects can shut down a restaurant, make people sick, and are just plain awful to look at! If you’re currently using bait as a removal method, but it doesn’t seem to be working, you may have to adjust your strategy.


About the Bait
German cockroaches are a common species of roach that will feed almost every night. When cockroach bait is scattered around the home or business, some of it will usually be consumed within 24 hours. Once a large enough dosage of the bait is consumed, cockroaches will usually die within a day or two. There will be plenty of cockroaches that will die in open spaces, but there will be a good amount that will die off in hidden areas that only pest management professionals would look.

Using Different Bait
If all of the bait traps are set up properly and the cockroaches aren’t eating it, you might need to try a new bait. Cockroaches have no problem with coming out of hiding if there’s food for them to eat. You can even test a piece of bait on a cockroach you see roaming around before setting up bait around the building. If this cockroach doesn’t take the bait from you, it’s safe to say you should try another type of bait until one does eat it.

There are going to be times where some roaches will be taking the bait and dropping like flies (see what we did there), but other roaches might be walking by the bait without hesitation. It is possible for two different groups of cockroaches to infest the same building, so you could need multiple types of bait. There are also female cockroaches that go into hiding when developing an egg case. It’s possible for all other roaches to die, you think the problem has been solved, and then you see the females emerge weeks later. During times like these, hiring pest management professionals is recommended.

The only thing more frustrating than having a cockroach infestation — having a cockroach infestation that is averse to your bait. When you need a cockroach infestation managed and eliminated, contact Knockout Pest Control. To learn more or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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