Wet and Cool Spring Means Exploding Silverfish and Firebrat Population

We have had a wet and cool spring and early summer—ideal for breeding silverfish and firebrats.

As the days warm up, these scaly insects slither out of their warm winter nests to invade your kitchen, shelves, and attic. They will eat flour, cereal, book bindings, wallpaper paste, and stored holiday ornaments and old documents.

Learn more about silverfish and firebrats—where they hide, the damage they cause, how to detect them, and how to get rid of them: Click here

silverfishSilverfish prefer the dark and are hard to see. If you catch glimpse of one or two, you can be assured there are many more hidden in cracks, behind walls and around your plumbing. Though they won’t cause structural damage like termites, nasty bites like bedbugs, or spread disease like flies, they can damage your property and most definitely have a high ick-factor.

Before taking preventative measures, you’ll need to eliminate any silverfish colonies already infesting your home. Treating firebrat and silverfish colonies isn’t easy. You will need a trained eye to find all of their nesting sites—especially those inside walls and behind baseboards. Getting rid of them requires specialized insecticides and methods of application.

Clean and dry—those are the two watchwords for preventing silverfish and getting rid of firebrats. Eliminating moisture from leaking basements and attics and ensuring your plumbing is in top shape is a first step. Store any paper, such as books, magazines, crafts and even holiday ornaments in closable plastic containers. In the kitchen, make sure you keep food in sealed containers.

It may be mid-summer, but it is the perfect time for a spring cleaning that gets rid of these obnoxious pests and many others, too.

Knockout Pest Control Can Knock Out Your Silverfish Problem

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