Types Of Pests That Congregate In Kitchens

Have you noticed an influx of pests in your kitchen? If you can relate, you are not the only homeowner who has experienced this! Keep reading to find out which types of pests congregate in kitchens.


Since ants are always on the hunt for both food and water, it is no wonder that they are notorious for seeking shelter in kitchens. If you have leaky plumbing fixtures in your kitchen, it is all the more reason for them to stick around. Fixing leaks in your kitchen can help keep ants away from the heart of the home.


Cockroaches have a knack for getting into restaurants and kitchens alike. This is due to the fact that they are expert hitchhikers. To prevent them from setting up shop in your kitchen, remember to check packages and grocery bags for cockroaches. 

Fruit Flies

It is no secret that fruit flies love to chomp on fruit–hence the name! If you have fruit displayed on your kitchen counter, it is basically an open invitation for fruit flies to dig in. To avoid this scenario altogether, be sure to store fruit in the refrigerator or in airtight containers. 

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