5 Things You Should Know About Your House Mouse

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When you see a mouse in your house, know that him and his friends aren’t trying to help you get ready for the ball later tonight. These squeaky little pests are tricky to catch so it’s best to get a handle on the situation before they reproduce. Do your research now because it’s important to know your enemy so you can have better luck defeating them.

  1. Being Cheesy – Most people believe that cheese is a mouse’s favorite food. Wrong! Mice love seeds, grains, and fruits, but will also each just about anything if they’re hungry enough. They’ll even go as far as eating their own tails — or children!
  2. Tight Squeeze – Your home only needs the smallest of holes and cracks for a mouse to enter it. Since mice don’t have collarbones, they can squeeze their way through any opening that is the size of a dime. Your best bet is to seal all of the cracks and holes in your home.
  3. Feces Everywhere – As gross as it is, mice will leave their droppings anywhere they please. The same goes for their urine which is left by males as a marker for their newly founded territory. Unfortunately, mouse urine can trigger a person’s allergies and increase the symptoms of asthma.
  4. Another One – A single female house mouse is capable of having 12 babies in a span of 3 weeks. Think yearly and that total reaches a terrifying number of up to 150 babies per year. That’ll make you think twice about waiting to solve your rodent problem.
  5. Catch ‘Em All – If you’re looking to remove mice from your home, snap traps are your best bet. These spring-loaded traps will kill the mice on contact, unlike poison which will allow them to retreat behind walls and die. Then you have to worry about removing the body before it starts to smell.

Seeing a small mouse scurry across your floor is a sure sign to inspect your home and remove the impending infestation. When you need professionals to help you remove your pest infestation, contact the pros at Knockout Pest Control. To learn more, or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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