Tips To Prevent Springtime Pest Infestations

After a cold and snowy winter, you may be eager to spend more time in your backyard this spring. However, the warmer temperatures that are associated with springtime can also encourage pests to emerge. Below are some tips that can help you prevent pest infestations this season.

Install A Fence

Do you have a garden in your yard? If so, installing a fence around the garden is a great way to keep pests out. It is a good idea for the fence to be at least 5 ft. tall to prevent larger pests from breaking in.

Plant Certain Herbs

Did you know that certain plants can actually repel pests? Now you do! Since some pests do not like the taste of lavender and mint, it is beneficial to plant these herbs on your property. 

Spray Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used to keep dust mites at bay. Simply mix an essential oil of your choosing with water in a bottle and spray it on pieces of furniture. It is a quick and easy DIY project that can prevent dust mites from making your house their new home!

Have you been dealing with pest infestations this spring? If you can relate, turn to the professionals here at Knockout Pest Control for assistance. We can knockout pests and keep them down for the count! 

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