Tips To Keep Insects Away From Your Pantry

When you see insects in your pantry, you can easily lose your appetite! Luckily, there are certain steps you can take to ensure that these critters stay far away from your pantry. Continue reading to discover what they are. 

Store Food In Sealed Airtight Containers

Bugs can squeeze their way into almost anything; due to their small size. However, they will not be able to infiltrate airtight containers. To ensure that insects will not have a feast in your pantry, remember to store your food in sealed airtight containers. 

Clean Off Food Containers After Each Use

You may think nothing of food residue that is on the outside of your storage containers. Nonetheless, even small amounts of food residue can attract bugs into your pantry. That is why you should always clean off your food containers after you use them.

Discard Rotten Produce

If there is rotten fruit in your pantry, fruit flies are bound to be there too. After all, these insects are notorious for their ability to chomp on rotting produce. To prevent fruit flies from invading your pantry, be sure to discard fruits and vegetables that are on the verge of spoiling. 

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