Tips For Preventing Lyme Disease in New York

It is common knowledge that ticks are out in full force during the summer. However, ticks are also prevalent in the state of New York during the fall. Keep reading to discover new ways to protect yourself from ticks and Lyme disease this autumn.

Be Cautious In The Great Outdoors

The fall is a great time of year to spend quality time in the great outdoors. Since being in nature can increase your chances of getting a tick bite, it is important to take certain precautions in tick-infested areas. Do your best to avoid touching soil, leaves, and vegetation of any kind when you are outside.

Take The Path Most Traveled

Some people go on hikes during the fall because they want to get a nice view of the beautiful foliage that New York is known for. If you will be one of them, be sure to follow the path that has been traveled by others. After all, a well-traveled path is less likely to have hiding places for ticks.

Use Insect Repellent

It is always a good idea to apply insect repellent before going outside. This will act as another layer of protection against tick bites. Remember to follow the instructions that come with the insect repellent during the application process.

We hope these tips keep you and your family tick-free this fall. If you are dealing with a tick infestation on your property, turn to the professionals here at Knockout Pest Control for help. We are experts at knocking ticks out and keeping them down for the count!

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