Tips For Pest-Proofing Your Shed

Will you be tackling home improvement projects this summer? If so, you do not want to encounter pests when you are putting your tools back in the shed. Continue reading to discover tips for pest-proofing your shed.

Repair Gaps In The Shed

Eliminating any access points is key when it comes to keeping pests out of your shed. Remember to inspect the exterior of your shed for any gaps and seal them up immediately. That way, it will deter pests from making your shed their new home. 

Declutter Your Shed

Some homeowners utilize their sheds to store a myriad of miscellaneous tools. Unfortunately, pests are drawn to cluttered spaces because there are plenty of places to hide and take up shelter. Decluttering your shed will make it less enticing to pests. 

Keep Firewood Away From Your Shed

You might think that your shed is the ideal place to store firewood. However, this can make your shed appealing to wood-destroying insects like termites. To prevent this from happening, be sure to store firewood far away from your shed. 

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