The Truth: Bees vs Wasps


While it is true that bees and wasps look similar, they’re actually very different insects. If you see one floating around your property, give it a good look. Knowing whether you have a bee or wasp problem will decide your next course of action.


These buzzing bees are related to many insects like the ant or wasp. They are known for pollinating flowers as well as creating beeswax and honey. Although bees may look scary — don’t worry, they’re not aggressive! Most bees don’t bother humans. In fact, most bees only sting out of self-defense.

  • Living Quarters: A Geometric Waxy Hive
  • Body Type: Long & Fat
  • Body Characteristics: Hair on Body & Legs
  • Abdomen: Round
  • Legs: Flat & Wide
  • Personality Type: Passive


While they do look alike from a distance, wasps are actually quite different from bees. Rather than pollinating, wasps are considered predators. Some do eat nectar, fruit, etc. but others do prey on other insects; dead or alive. Wasps are an aggressive insect and can set their targets to sting multiple people.

  • Living Quarters: A Papery Nest
  • Body Type: Long & Thin
  • Body Characteristics: Smooth Body & Legs
  • Abdomen: Cylindrical
  • Legs: Round & Waxy
  • Personality Type: Agressive

Knowing the difference between bees and wasps will allow you to decide whether to run inside or stay put and enjoy the weather. However, if your property has a wasp nest, contact the pest professionals at Knockout Pest Control. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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