The Top Garden Pests

Nothing is more beautiful than a garden filled with colorful flowers and vegetables. However, this beauty can be ruined very quickly by the pests of the outdoor world. Unfortunately, there are a few pests that will use your garden as a safe haven for food and shelter.

  1. Slugs – If your garden is being overrun by slimy slugs, beer is the answer! Take a small bowl or empty can, fill it with beer, and place it in the garden. Since beer is appealing to slugs they will slither into the container of beer. Sadly, but effectively, they will drown and be rid from your bed of flowers and crops.
  2. Snails – As another smiley pest, snails use gardens as shelter and love the moisture from your daily watering. Place a board of plastic in the garden and the slugs will use it as shade. Every so often pick up the board and scrape off the slugs elsewhere.
  3. Earwigs – To attract earwigs, roll up wet pieces of newspaper and place them on the floor of the garden. During the day, earwigs will crawl inside for the damp shelter. Unfortunately, you can’t just grab the paper and throw it out with the bugs inside because they will find their way back. Either flush the bugs down the toilet, or tie them off into a sealed bag.
  4. Termites – We all know that termites love to eat wood so it’s important that there is no wood in your garden. A piece of wood that is touching the soil will attract termites from underground. Once the termites are done with the wood in your garden they can make their way to your home. Avoid termites altogether by replacing all wooden posts and fencing with plastic or metal materials.

Keeping your garden free of pests is important so the plants stay safe and your property doesn’t become infested. When you need help eliminating pests, like termites, from your property and home, contact the professionals at Knockout Pest Control. To learn more, or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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