The Top 6 Spots to Look for Termite Damage

We recently covered the most common signs of termite damage, and this week, we’re following up with specific information on the top 6 places you may find termite damage in your home. 

Termite damage is one of the most costly issues for New York homeowners, and often it’s due to the fact that termites are silent destroyers which can avoid detection for long periods of time, leading to major damage. Unlike other common fixes homes need from time to time that are covered by homeowners insurance, termite repairs are rarely covered, meaning costs must be covered out-of-pocket.

Because termite activity often goes undetected, you may not even realize you have a termite infestation or termite damage to your home. This is why a proactive approach to termite control is always the best course of action. But, if you suspect you may have a termite infestation in your home, there are 6 key places to check for termite damage.

What Does Termite Damage Look Like?

Before we get into the places to check for termite wood damage in your home, you’re going to need to know what to look for. Termite-damaged wood has a few key characteristics: 

  • Various splits, cracks, and grooves
  • A hollow sound when you knock on the wood
  • Buckled wood
  • Wood with holes in it
  • Wood that appears “crushed”
  • Tunneling in the wood that runs with the grain

6 Common Areas for Termite Damage

Grab a flashlight and take a closer look at the following areas, which are common areas for subterranean termite damage in New York homes:

  1. The common “storage areas” of your home, including the basement, garage, attic, and/or crawl space, depending on what’s applicable to your home’s layout.
  2. In areas where moisture accumulates, creative conducive conditions for moisture-loving termites, such as near kitchen or bathroom pipes which are leaking.
  3. Along the support beams inside your home—keep in mind that over time, termites can threaten the structural integrity of your home.
  4. In your home’s flooring. Subterranean termites, which are the most common species of termites in New York, are known to cause damage to sub flooring, which will give wood flooring a water-damaged appearance.
  5. On the exterior of your home on any wood trim, siding, or concrete walls.
  6. On the interior of your home along ceilings, window and/or door frames, and in the corners of rooms.

Dealing With Termites? We’ll Knock Them Out Fast

For New York homeowners, your safest bet against termite damage is an ongoing, proactive termite control plan in place by licensed termite exterminator Knockout Pest Control.

If you do find signs of termite damage in your New York home, call 1-800-244-PEST.

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