The Problems Birds Cause on Commercial Properties

Commercial properties experience their fair share of pest problems. Food warehouses and factories especially are on high alert for pests inside the building. Aside from insects and rodents, birds can cause significant troubles for businesses.

Birds can spread diseases through their droppings. Not to mention cleaning, repairing and replacing damaged materials due to a bird infestation can be costly.

The main problems caused by birds include:

  • Unsightly droppings. Foul can not only damage a car’s paint and nearby raw materials, it is powerful enough to corrode stone and metal. When not cleaned away, bird droppings may also cause slip and fall risks.
  • Building damage. Pigeons can poke away at roof tiles, in some cases, removing them entirely. Once birds gain access inside, they can cause damage to the insulation and wreak havoc on stored products.
  • Spread of insects and diseases. Insects such as ticks, fleas, lice and mites are all carried by birds. When birds find a place to nest, these insects can unload and wreak havoc on a building.
  • Build nests in the wrong places. Birds often build their nests in gutters and drains which can cause a blockage and lead to flooding in the roof. If undetected, flooding can cause internal leaks, metal corrosion, and damage the walls.
  • Food waste. Like rodents, birds cause a major problem for food establishments. These businesses can suffer greatly due to damaged products pecked away by birds.

As always, it’s extremely important to identify the signs of a bird infestation as early as possible. Be on the lookout for birds on the roof, excessive droppings on or around the building, continuous bird noises, bird nests, and damaged packaging due to bird peckings.

If you suspect your home or business is infested with birds, don’t wait. Contact Knockout Pest Control immediately.

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