Surprising Pests That May Be in Your Home

Every so often an insect is going to enter your home. You’ve probably seen the occasional house fly, spider, or stink bug make its way throughout your house. While these bugs are commonly found in homes, there are other unusual insects that can be found just as often. Just because they aren’t seen as often, doesn’t mean they aren’t there!

Silverfish – Go down to the basement, or head up to the attic, and you’ll find this silver bug. Mostly located in dark and damp areas, the silverfish will feed on silk, other insects, linen, paper, and any form of carbohydrate. Check the damp areas of your home at night in order to see if your home is infested.

Fungus Gnat – Head over to your house plants and you might find fungus gnats inhabiting the soil. These pests like to feed on the decaying organic matter in the soil which may affect the growth of the plants. You may not see these gnats stray far from the plants, as they will stay either in the soil or on the leaves and foliage.

Booklice – While they do look like lice, they do not share the same lifestyle. Booklice tend to stay close to areas with high humidity. If you see booklice in any boxed food then it is most likely close to growing mold and should be thrown away. Fortunately, these pests do not bite or transmit disease, but can easily generate large infestations.

There are a lot of insects that have the possibility of infesting your home, even if you’ve never seen them before. By upkeeping your home you can reduce the risk of hosting these bugs, but not always. For the bugs that will find their way into your home no matter what, Knockout Pest Control can evict them for you. Our professional pest management team will knock out your pest problem — and leave them down for the count. To learn more, or to schedule a service, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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