Rodents Threaten Car Safety

As the weather gets colder, mice seek shelter and warmth inside the home, but that’s not the only place they’ll hide. Vehicles are an ideal place for rodents to seek shelter. Once inside, they are insulated from the cold. How do they get in, you ask? A mouse can fit through a space the size of a pen cap and can easily gain access through vents, pedal shafts and steering columns.

As you can imagine, rodents in the car are not only damaging to the vehicle, but can be extremely dangerous for drivers and occupants. Imagine the shock of seeing a mouse inside the car while driving on a highway. Recognizing the warning signs of infestation and practicing prevention techniques is critical for keeping mice out.

Common signs of rodent activity inside the car include:

  • Gnawed upholstery and insulation
  • Chewed wires near the engine
  • Droppings near and inside the car
  • If you park in an alley, near a sewer, or nearby wooded areas for extended periods of time you are at a higher risk.

Prevention Techniques to Practice:

  • Keep your vehicle clean. You don’t want to have anything in the car that will attract mice to the vehicle. Old food wrappers, coffee containers, and loose papers should all be removed.
  • Eliminate moisture. Water is essential for rodent survival. A leak in the heater or wet items inside the car may attract mice.
  • Eliminate points of entry. Don’t make it easy for mice to enter. Be sure to close the sunroof, windows and doors tightly.
  • The garage is not off limits. Mice can enter the garage through tiny cracks or simply, when the door opens. It’s not uncommon that they will seek shelter near a warm engine. To lessen the risk, make your garage less inviting. Keep trash cans covered, eliminate clutter and excess debris, and caulk any gaps so rodents can’t squeeze through.
  • Check under the hood. Rodents like to build their nests near the engine because of the heat it gives off.

If you suspect you have rodents in your car, or for pest prevention services, contact Knockout Pest Control!

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