What to Do After You’ve Destroyed a Wasp Nest (and How to Get Away)

You discover a wasp nest near (or on) your home.
You layer up your clothing in preparation for combat.
You find the longest broomstick you can find.
You hit it like you’re Aaron Judge at the plate.
You see an army of wasps exit the nest.

It’s at this very moment, you know that you’ve messed up…

Here’s what you should do if you’ve knocked a wasp nest down and aggravated the entire colony it belongs to:

How to Get Away From a Wasp Attack

When you’re being chased by an army of angry wasps, make sure you:

  • Run as fast as humanly possible! The only time you should stop moving your feet is if you need to remove a child or pet from the immediate area.
  • Close yourself off from the outside by staying in your home — or your car if it’s closer.
  • If you’re close to a swimming pool — DO NOT jump in thinking they’ll leave you alone. Wasps are smart. They’ll wait for you to come up for air, and that’s when they’ll get you!
  • If you can pull your shirt (or any cover) over your head, DO it. Being stung anywhere can hurt, but being stung in the face, eyes, or mouth is a whole other level of pain.
  • Try to avoid swatting or hitting the wasps. When they get injured or attacked, they’ll release pheromones that will attract more of their colony.

What to Do Next?

Once you (and your family) are inside and safe, immediately contact your local pest management professionals. They will be able to remove the nest away from your property for you.

Just be sure to let them know if there was an attack of wasps, so they know that they’ll be dealing with aggravated wasps.

If you or anyone in your family was stung multiple times (or if any of you have wasp or bee allergies), visit your local physician to get checked out.

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