Pests That Are Common In The Springtime

A change in the weather can also impact the types of pests that appear. Do you know what types of pests are common during the springtime? If not, continue reading to discover what they are.


Ticks have been known to rear their ugly heads in the spring. Since ticks can transmit Lyme disease to humans, it is imperative to take necessary precautions to avoid getting a tick bite. To do this, be sure to put insect repellent on and check for ticks each day. 


Like ticks, mosquitoes can also transfer diseases to people. In some cases, an untreated mosquito bite could result in serious medical issues. To prevent mosquito bites, remember to spray yourself with insect repellent and wear clothing that covers most of your skin. 


Last but not least, ants also make their presence known once the weather gets nice. To keep ants away from your property, draw lines of chalk near the entrances of your house. Ants will be repulsed by the chemical compound calcium carbonate that chalk is composed of. 

Have you seen unwanted pests on your property this season? If so, turn to the experts here at Knockout Pest Control for assistance. We can knockout pests and keep them down for the count! 

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