Autumn Pest-Proofing Tips For Homeowners

Attention homeowners–do not leave your house vulnerable to pests this autumn! It is better for homeowners to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to pest control measures. Below are some pest-proofing tips that can help homeowners avoid pest infestations during the fall. 

Repair Damaged Window Screens

When it comes to keeping pests out of your home, reducing entry points is crucial. If there are damaged window screens in your home, now is the ideal time to repair them. That way, small pests will not be able to enter your house.

Keep Firewood Away From Your Home

It is commonplace for homeowners to fire up the fireplace on a chilly fall night. Unfortunately, termites can end up in your home if you store firewood inside. To keep termites out of sight and out of mind, remember to store firewood 20 feet away from your humble abode.

Inspect Decorations For Pests

Do you decorate your home once autumn rolls around? If so, be sure to check each decoration for pests. After all, pests could have chewed their way into the cardboard box that your fall decor has been stored in. 

Have you seen pests on your property this season? If you can relate, turn to the professionals here at Knockout Pest Control for assistance. We can knockout pests and keep them down for the count! 

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