Pest Threats at Local Restaurants

When a pest is spotted inside of a restaurant, it can severely hurt its reputation and even shut it down if an infestation is found by a health inspector. Rodents, cockroaches, flies, and pantry pests are the most common pests found in restaurants. With these pests in mind, where are they most likely to be found?

Waste Areas

Dumpsters and garbage cans are the biggest hot spot when it comes to the area outside of the restaurant. A waste container that is damaged, cracked, or filled with holes will allow pests to access the garbage, begin feasting, and eventually — multiply. Always make sure the dumpsters and garbage cans are in good condition, properly closed, and no food or waste lies around outside of them. Dumpster pests will eventually make their way inside of the building.

Kitchen Entry Points

The kitchen is where a majority of the food is going to be located within the restaurant’s building. Therefore the kitchen doors should remain closed at all times unless a person is passing through. Leaving these doors open is the same as inviting each and every pest for a home cooked meal! This is especially true for a kitchen exit door (which should also have a secondary door with a durable window screen).

Cleaning & Supply Storage

The storage area where you keep the cleaning supplies is another hot spot for pests. Why, you ask? Because of moisture! Whether it’s because of the mop bucket you didn’t dump out or open cleaning supplies, almost all pests LOVE moisture and this is one big magnet for them. Just because it’s your “janitor’ closet, doesn’t mean you should leave it looking like a mess.

Restaurants are extremely susceptible to pest infestations — so you should know where you’re most likely to find them! When you need a pest infestation managed in your local business, contact Knockout Pest Control. To learn more or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 248-7378.

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