Not All Pests Die Off In The Winter: Tell Tale Signs You Have An Infestation

On a day like today, when the high temperature in New York City is expected to be 20 degrees, we are all extra grateful for indoor heating. Unfortunately these cozy conditions are very inviting for those sneaky insects that have adapted a few ways to survive winter.

In our last blog, we uncovered exactly how these pests survive such harsh conditions. One way is internal anti-freezing. Much like antifreeze on a car, an insect can produce a chemical that keeps their organs from freezing, allowing them to survive low temperatures.

Another way is through overwintering or hibernating. Insects will hide in tree bark or deep below surface level in the soil to avoid the cold. If this is not available to them, insects will turn to inside the home where there are cracks and spaces they can hide and stay warm.

So how do you know they’re there if you can’t see them? Here are a few tell tale signs your home could have an infestation.

  • Spiders: A spider’s diet consists of insects. If you notice there are more spiders in your home, it’s likely because their food supply is there.
  • Ladybugs: The ladybug is harmless and brings more benefit than harm outside the home. However, if you see ladybugs inside, that could indicate the presence of mites, whiteflies and scale insects.
  • You hear a tapping from inside the walls. Termites bang their heads against the wood to alert the rest of the colony of danger. If you hear this tapping, it could mean there is a large termite infestation behind your walls. Contact us immediately!
  • Fish scales. When termites reproduce and find a new nest, they shed their wings, which look very similar to a fish scale. If you notice these tiny piles, it could mean termites are nearby.
  • Black sesame seeds. Mice droppings can look a lot like black sesame seeds. If you notice these droppings in the cabinets or behind counter objects, it could mean the presence of a mouse.
  • Ants. One or two crawling around the kitchen may mean nothing. Or it could mean there is a colony nesting in your walls. This could be bad news especially if they are carpenter ants.

Unfortunately, there’s not much prep work you can do to prevent these pests from entering the home. For that reason, it’s very important that you maintain pest control throughout the winter. Knockout Pest Control provides 24/7 service all year round. Contact us for your winter pest control needs!

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