Why Do Some Ants Have Wings (and Others Don’t)?

Have you ever seen a fly floating around you, and when it landed you realized it wasn’t actually a fly?

That’s because flies aren’t the only insects in your neighborhood that can take flight! Ants also have the ability to develop wings (along with termites).

The ants that do end up with wings have a very important job when it comes to their responsibilities within the colony.

Why Can Some Ants Fly?

Flying ants are also known as “swarming ants. If you know anything about swarming termites, then you know why they fly and what their role is.

However, for those that don’t know, insects that swarm do this as a part of their reproduction process. All of the flying ants will swarm in a concentrated area, looking for a potential partner to mate with.

Only flying ants have the ability to mate and reproduce. It’s their job to ensure the colony survives. The job of ants without wings is to be a dedicated worker in building the nest and providing food for the colony and its queen.

When Are Flying Ants Most Active?

You are most likely to see flying ants in the springtime as the weather begins to warm up. This is when the majority of flying insects begin to swarm as a part of their reproductive process. Although, there are certain species of ants that will swarm during summer and fall.

In addition to the temperatures warming up, the days immediately following rain are when you’re most likely to see flying ants.

Once the colony has sufficiently mated, the swarming of these ants will cease until the following year. Swarming times are specific to each species, and to each colony within those species.

Pest Management for Flying Ants

Swarming ants have the sole role of reproducing — that’s it! Therefore, they’re not a direct threat to your home.

Unfortunately, they’re still considered pests because they are the reason ant colonies keep growing. They will produce more ants in place of them, some of which will look for food and water within your home. So even though the act of swarming by ants isn’t harmful, it will increase your chances of being infested by ants for the future.

To remove ants from your home and to prevent an infestation, it’s best to contact a local pest management company. These professionals will be able to use the correct baiting and removal methods as efficiently as possible.

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